Mortuaries, dead of nightMy body starts to riseIn my mind the horror livesTo feel death deep inside Relentless lust of rotting fleshTo thrash the tomb she liesHeathen whore of Satan’s wrathI spit at your demise Virgin child now drained of lifeYour soul cannot be freeNot given the chance to rot in Hell Satan’s cross points […]

Crypts Of Eternity

Devious to those unknownHe walks below the landAlluring victims to their deathPerish to the sand Master of the blackened artsLiving his decreeThrives amongst the Seven GatesSearching for the keys I have seen the darkened depths of HellSorcery beyond the witches’ spellRobbed the crypts of Death’s eternityKilled the priest and cursed him endlessly Chants of evil […]

At Dawn They Sleep

Awakened I have becomeLight now slips awayManipulate your mindDarkness is my slave Taste the sins of HellThe blood that I so craveThe last thing that you seeIs the hunger in my eyes Blood sucking creatures of the nightNocturnal spectre hiding from the lightCries screaming out every frightEagerly awaiting plightApparitions from the pits of HellDeath plagues […]

Praise Of Death

Deceased in mind decree of DeathBlackened heart baptized in fireExertion now need to blitzVicious ways brought up in Hell Draw the line Life or DeathPotent thrust excessive painMassive dose adrenalinMinor threat can not decline Stricken to live, Hell on EarthShackled and bound we liePraise of Death life’s a dreamWe’re only living to die Victim of […]

Hardening Of The Arteries

Fear runs wild in the veins of the worldThe hate turns the skies jet blackDeath is assured in future plansWhy live if there’s nothing there Spectors of doom await the momentThe mallet is sure and preciseCover the crypts of all mankindWith cloven hoove begone Sadistic mindsDelay the deathOf twisted lifeMalicious world The crippled youth try […]