Broken Glass

Ever since I could understandmy mother said to me"don’t you ever let a man hit you,don’t you grow up like me"so I swore I’d never be like heror my grandmother tooeven if it meant I’d be aloneeven if it meant I’d be alone ‘Cause she looked‘Cause she looked like broken glasswhen she fell to the […]

Product Of Misery

She’s just a product of misery… Everyday she’d go aroundEverytime I see that frownBroken down and down and out,The drudgery goes on and on.Oh I just want to say,I ain’t gonna live that way ’cause She’s just a product of misery.I don’t want to live like that,Just a product of misery.I don’t want to live […]

Apart Hate

somber sisterthis is a strange and bitter fruitbecause you taught me to singand the rhythm in my heartand the rhythm in my feet is- Why are the rainbowsstolen from the skyand locked up in boxesyellow, black, red and whitelike birds in their cagesbeating their wings on the barsand there’s a song that they’re singingit’s a […]


The street lightthrough my windowmakes me feel securethere’s no one to distract meI’m locking the dooryou cannot barge intomy own little worldyou can’t take the joyfrom the soul of this girl telling me your lies, lies, liesdon’t tell me your lies, lies, lies My thoughts are all tangledI don’t know what I feelyou try to […]

Hat Full Of Stars

I was folding up your lettersunpacking winter clothessearching for my hatI thought I left it by the doorso I tore around the roomlike a bird without a headI saw your picture waving back at mefrom underneath the bedfrom a long, long time ago When all I hadwas a hat full of starsthe one I’ll always […]