Butterfly In Reverse

Maryann you’re better than the world They took a lot of time getting it right on this girl I said Maryann you’re better than the world They did a lot of things right on this girl I had a lot of girlfriends I should have known them Click your heels and count back from three […]

American Girls

She comes out on Fridays every time Stands out in a line I could have been anyone she’d seen She waits another week to fall apart She couldn’t make another day I wish it was anyone but me I could have been anyone you see She had something breakable just under her skin American girls […]

Hard Candy

On certain Sundays in November When the weather bothers me I empty drawers of other summer’s Where my shadows used to be She is standing by the water As her smile begins to curl In this or any other summer She is something all together different Never just an ordinary girl And in the evenings […]

Black And Blue

Fading everything to black and blue You look a lot like you Shatter in the blink of an eye You keep sailing right on through Every time you say you’re learning You just look a lot like me Pale under the blistering sky White and red Black and blue You’ve been waiting a long time […]


Guess I think I feel alright You come circling through the lightThe skyline baby is bright tonightOne more perfect rendezvous Sundown paints the shadows through Daylight aiming? on what we do It looks like darkness to me, oh Drifting down into Miami Miami Can I say I wish that this weather would never leave It […]