French Kissing

[Intro:]Come on, you say you love meI make you believe that it’s love you receiveLike a thiefI just take what I needAnd when we’re going tonight [Verse 1:]Just an ordinary eveningI hear voices from the ceilingAnd I really was believingIt was my mind playing tricks on me Went upstairs just for receivingSomething told me you […]

Let Us Come Together

[Intro:]Hey boy, come on over hereLet’s shake itLet us come 2gether‘Cause you’re the one that I wantLet us come together [Verse 1:]Do you like to know about what I doWhen I start with loving youWildest dreams will come trueMaking love until the day is breakingHold me tight the bed is shakingWhen we do what we […]

Make U High

[Intro:]I’m gonna make u high, highWhen you’re feeling low, lowShow you all the joy, joyYou’ve never seenAnd then we do it right, rightLovin’ you in slow moThis is what you getIf you’re gonna be with meI’m gonna make you high, highWhen you’re feeling low, low [Verse 1:]Hey boy, I’ve been watching youBeen thinking ofWhat we […]