Every Little Thing

[Verse 1:]Whenever you go away from meGo out with your friends I see that there’s something in your eyesAnd it looks just like a lieDidn’t I give you what you want?Didn’t I give it all to you?Why is everything you do a little bit untrue? [Bridge:]And everytimeYou act wrongI go away from you just a […]

From Sarah With Love

[Verse 1:]For so many years we were friendsAnd yes I always knew what we could doBut so many tears in the rainFelt the night you saidThat love had come to youI thought you were not my kindI thought that I could never feel for youThe passion and love you were feelingAnd so you leftFor someone […]

Man Of My Dreams

[Verse 1:]I remember the first day I met youAll I thought was dawn how can I get youYou below my mind in a very special wayI’mpossible for me to get awaySince that day you’re creeping in my mindSilky velvet ocean of green eyesI’m dreaming of the day we meet againBut this time I won’t let […]

If U Were My Man

[Chorus:]If you were my man, I could be your fantasyAnd if you were my man, I’d give you sweet ecstasyYes if you were my man, what I’d odIf you were my man, if you were my man [Verse 1:]Boy I see you lookin’ at my bodyWith that look in your eyesAnd even though you’re standing […]

Let’s Get Back To Bed Boy

Word up!It’s your toy T.Q. still keepin’ it gangsta around the worldWith my girl Sarah, brand new diva(westside) Put your hands togetherWe’re comin’ on a whole new level Let’s get back to bed, boy (yeah)Let’s get back to bed, boy (give it up) [Verse 1:]Now the time has come that I’m tellingIt’s definitely you that […]