Magic Ride (Whatever U Wish 4)

[Chorus:]Come on let me take you on a magic rideBoy I wanna show you better ways to flyWhatever you wish forI’ll do it for youAll the other girls are a waste of timeWhatever they may have ain’t as good as mineWhatever you wish forI’ll do it for you [Verse 1:]I can light a fuse in […]

In My House

[Verse 1:]Boy, you can just best believeI’m the only girl in your lifeI’ll be your sugar in the morningAnd the sweet stuff U need at nightAnd you can just best believeWhen it come down to makin’ loveI’ll satisfy you every needAnd every fantasy you think of [Chorus:]So when U need a little piece of mindCome […]

Can’t Get None

[Chorus:]U like the cars, U want the stars no no no still can’t get noneU watch me ball, with all my dogs ya mad cuz ya can’t get noneWhen they bump my hits, it make U sick no no no no U still can’t get noneU see the life, U want the life be madCuz […]


[Verse 1:]Someone like you is rareYou’re not afraid to careAlways say how you feelIt’s part of your appealWe’ve shared some special timesI’m glad that you are mineYou showed me a better wayIt’s shame you couldn’t stay [Rise:]I wish the miles between us could only disappearUntil that day I’ll just hold back the tears [Chorus:]I’magining you’re […]

I Can't Lie

[Verse 1:]So many times I had imagined youYou were a dream waiting to come trueI’ve never made this kind of wish beforeBut then again I never wanted something more [Bridge 1:]You set in motionSomething uncontrollableSomething undeniable [Chorus:]I can’t lie I’ve never seen a guy so fineI don’t know why I feel the way I do […]