Basket Case

Do you have the time to listen to me whineAbout NOTHING and EVERYTHING all at onceI am one of thoseMelodramatic foolsNeurotic to the boneNo doubt about it Sometimes I give myself the CREEPSSometimes my mind plays tricks on meIt all keeps adding upI think I’m CRACKING UPAm I just PARANOID?Am I just STONED I went […]

Blood, Sex And Booze

Waiting in a roomAll dressed up and bound and gagged up to a chairIt’s so unfair I won’t dare to moveFor the pain she puts me throughWhat I needSo make it bleed I’m in distressOh mistress I confess so do it one more timeThese handcuffs are too tight wellYou know I will obeySo please don’t […]


Hey old man in woman’s shoesI wonder i he knows i think he’s crazyWhen he was young did he have dreams of wearing woman’sshoes and being crazy It makes me wonder when i grow that ageWill i be walking down the streetBegging for your spare change Or will i ever grow that old?Will i still […]

Bab’s Uvula Who?

I’ve got a knack for fucking everything upMy temper flies and I get myself all wound upMy fuse is short and my blood pressure is highI lose control and I get myself all wound upTension mounts and I fly off the wallI self destruct and I get myself all wound upPetulance and irritation sets inI […]

Sassafras Roots

Roaming ’round your houseWASTING YOUR TIMENo obligation, justWASTING YOUR TIMESo why are you alone ?WASTING YOUR TIMEWhen you could be with meWASTING YOUR TIME I’m a WASTE like youWith nothing else to doMay I WASTE your time too ? Warding off regretsWASTING YOUR TIMESmoking cigarettesWASTING YOUR TIMEI’m just a PARASITEWASTING YOUR TIMEAPPLYING myself toWASTING YOUR […]