Cast Down

Despair, emptinessSee the hatred wasted on yourselfFace down taste the dust; it’s getting harder everydayJust to find a reason not to end it all yourselfSuicide on the streetEverywhere around you watch it breedIt begins to bury you in self-induced rejection So now you’re wasted, broken downI see through your ignorancePenetrate the surface of your insecure […]


You need to take a closer look at meCause I was born to be the thorn in your sideNo matter what you think you’re gonna seeYou never wanted this barrage of fucking prideYou don’t want none of me You’ve got a fucking catheter in your brainPissing your common sense awayWhen you draw first blood you […]

Seven Faces

I saw them all around todayThey don’t stop they won’t go awayThey love the darkness in my eyesHelp me find a way out when I’m lost within myself They show me everything I needThere’s nothing wrong with a little greedNever enough to satisfySuch a driving desire that burns inside My life came with it’s own […]

New Faith

Holy man open up your eyesTo the ways of the world you’ve been so blindAs the walls of religion come crashing downHow’s the ignorance taste the second time around Tell me how it feels knowing chaos will never endTell me what it’s like when the celebration begins Welcome to the horror of the revelationTell me […]


Drones since the dawn of timeCompelled to live your sheltered livesNot once has anyone ever seenSuch a rise of pure hypocracyI’ll instigate I’ll free your mindI’ll show you what I’ve known all this time God Hates Us All, God Hates Us AllYou know it’s true God hates this placeYou know it’s true he hates this […]