Eternal the kiss I breathSiphon your blood to meFeel my wounds of your godForever rape mortalityI smell of deathI reek of hateI will live foreverLost child pay the deadBleeding screams of silenceIn my veins your eternity I’ll kill you and your dreams tonightBegin new lifeBleed your death upon meLet your bloodline feed my youth First […]

Here Comes The Pain

I am the new hell on earthThe lord of agony divineDomination, intimidationLives within these eyesReign of powerRemorseless anarchyI am arrogance in the fleshUnleashed intensity Step aside for the nightmarePure destruction stands before youNo escape as the psychoBrings you miseryThe line starts here I am brutality the face of everlasting painAnnihilation, ObliterationPulses in these veinsSheer defiance […]

God Send Death

On your back look on to meYou’ll see genocideFace from death more than insaneProfane pleading criesWatch you die inside watch you die God send death end miseryPreach no love of ministryPray for sin a shattered faithDown on your kneesYour screaming out to die Death is over dueNothing can save youA morbid symphonyHearing you lie there […]


Even though some things are better left unsaidThere’s a few things I need to get off my chestI need to vent – let me tell you why I’m suicidal, maniacal, self-destructiveYou leave me no hope, no lifeNothing worth living forI’ve taken it, can’t take it anymoreMy worst nightmareYou make me want to slit my own […]


I embrace the darkness withinForever serve beneath its handHorrid thoughts that surface to meCeremony bloods commandI will live through this foreverI have done the things you grieveAs you kneel before its evilDeath is here deep inside your Skinned alive now nakedTerrorized no humanitySeek salvation from an mia godEmpty vessels chanting for your death Walk the […]