Every step of the wayWe walk the lineYour days are numberedSo are mine Time is piling upWe struggle and we scrapeAll boxed inNowhere to escape The city’s just a jungleMore games to playI’m trapped in the heart of itTrying to get away I was raised in the countryBeen working in the townI been in trouble […]


[Chorus]Do do do do, do do do doDo do do do, do do do do I was riding on the e-trainI was whistling to the rhythmI was thinking about my live-inI was feeling pretty fineI asked the timeGot a poke in the eye When I read the latest newsHow we can’t believe he wore those […]

It Don't Hurt

It don’t hurt like it didI can sing my song againIt don’t hurt like it didI can sing my song again. I scraped the paper off the wallI put down carpet in the hallI left no trace of you at allAnd I can sing my song again I don’t dream ‘cuz I don’t sleepThe moon […]

Members Only

Uncle Larry’s hooked on ice againHe seems to be stuck in the 80’sHe wears his members only jacketCause he thinks it turns on all the ladies And all the white folks shake their assesLooking for the two and fourI’ll have mine in martini glassesCause I can’t take it anymore These are the days of empty […]

Crash And Burn

I watched the sun come up on PortlandI waved goodbye to all my friendsI packed my car and headed to LAI gave away all my loose ends Somebody said you gotta get awayTo wanna go back home againI left my universe standing thereHolding the hand of my best friend And it’s laughter that I feel […]