Maybe That’s Something

We lay around just like gurusIn borrowed robesAnd talk about nothingWell maybe that’s somethingMaybe that’s something You stretch out across a long long tableWithout hesitationYou say, "I’m willing and able" [Chorus]Maybe that’s somethingMaybe that’s one thing more than I’ve seenMaybe that’s something more than nothing You say good, I say you should, will you be […]

Anything But Down

I light your cigarettesI bring you apples from the vineHow quickly you forgetI run the bath and pour the wineI bring you everything that floats into your mind But you don’t bring me anything but downYou don’t bring me anything but downYou don’t bring me anything but downWhen you come ’round You are a raging […]

My Favorite Mistake

I woke up and called this morningThe tone of your voice was a warningThat you don’t care for me anymore I made up the bed we sleep inI looked at the clock when you creep inIt’s 6 a.m. and I’m alone [Chorus]Did you know when you goIt’s the perfect endingTo the bad day I was […]


I spent a year in the mouth of a whaleWith a flame and a book of signsYou’ll never know how hard I’ve failedTrying to make up for lost time Once I believed in things unseenI was blinded by the darkOut of the multitude to meHe came and broke my heart When the dust in the […]

Am I Getting Through (part 1 & 2)

[Part I:] I am strongI am ableI spill milk on your tableThen I crawl like a babyJust to see if you save me I am sweetI am uglyI am mean if you love meI’ll try hard just to please youWhen I say I don’t need you I dress up with a conscienceWhen I think you’ll […]