I Didn't Mean To Turn You

Let you take me out I knew what you were all aboutBut when I didI wasn’t tryin’ to lead you on Now you bring me homeAnd tell me goodnight’sNot enough for youI’m sorry babyI didn’t mean to turn you on You read me wrongI wasn’t trying to lead you onI want a friendI didn’t mean […]

Lead The Way

Who would’ve believed That you and me would fallAnd land togetherAnd who could’ve foreseenIn you I’d find the placeI’ve belonged foreverAnd if I move closerThen love will take overAnd lead the wayI’d given up hopeLosing the faith that loveCould be mine to treasureAnd nowNothing’s the sameI found myself rebornOn the day I met youAnd if […]

Don't Stop

[Mystikal] Woo woo, ugh hey; do the thing![DJ Clue] Uh Oh! uh oh![Mystikal] Watch yourself, get on the floor, move your feet[DJ Clue] Woooooooeeeeeeee [Mystikal]There ain’t nothing you can do with the manExcept for shake your ass and clap your handsAnd bob your head and move your feetI ain’t the type of rapper just to […]

Reflections (Care Enough)

Reflections of your love Have come to wither I thought I’d done my best to memorize A picture fades of you and I together I haven’t come to terms With how we said goodbye Did you really care Care for me at all Did you really care Did you care for me at all A […]

Last Night A DJ Saved My

DJ Clue Last night a DJ saved my life Last night a DJ saved my lifeCause I was sittin’ there bored to deathAnd in just one breath he saidYou gotta get upYou gotta get onYou gotta get down girlYou know you drive me crazy babyYou’ve got me turning to another manCalled you on the phoneNo […]