Bury Me

(boys, let’s do it) Real love Real love I’ll take your kisses, take your heart Everything if it hurts I love my sister so (turn on shine) She don’t smother me (turn on shine, on shine) I played the spades I know (on shine) I’m a Jack of all trades Would you bury me? Once […]


All your seven dreams Look close, son, and you’ll believe As your things come undone See you are the only one Flower, seize the hour I did I wait Waiting, waiting for your wake I’ll wait When you wake up you’re all weak Throwing your life away Someday, sorry coming home Sorry snail What you […]


You wrap your arms around A feeling that surrounds Like liquid peppermint Just taste the drinks that she served And this feeling shimmers down your spine Love comes in colors I can’t deny All that matters is love, love, your love You’re sleeping in your bed Just rest your weary head Maybe you shouldn’t care […]


All that you suffer is all that you are All that you smother is all that you are And you’re saying you’re seeing, you’re seeing who you are What takes meaning is cleaning the meaning of who you are All may say I will dream All may say All of your struggles beneath your disguise […]


My daydream seems as one inside of me Though it seems hard to reach through this life Your blue and hopeless life My daydream screams bitter ’til the end The love I share -true- selfish to the heart My heart, my sacred heart My daydream dream My day dream dream I’m going crazy I’m going […]