ft. Weebie To the beat y’all [Master P]Weebie! Holla at me (c’mon)I got like twelve bottles of bubbly (oh) [Chorus One 2X: Weebie]I love the way she shake it in the thong – OOOHHHWEE!The way she make it twurk and grab the wall – OOOHHHWEE!Oh, baby you know whatchu doin – OOOHHHWEE!No Limit got the […]

I Don't

Yo, this for all them niggas and bitchesthat thought it was over for No LimitAnd now y’all wan’ hollacause y’all know it’s back on and poppin’This what I got to tell y’all (UUUNNNGGHHH!) [Chorus]I, don’t, fuck witchu, bitch, ass, uh, niggasI, don’t, fuck witchu, bitch, ass, uh, niggasI (for my real thugs!) don’t fuck witchu […]

Take It Outside

Gameface (what, what, what, what, what)UUUNNNGGGHHH! WE BACK! [Chorus]Boy! (fuck boy) They scared to bust boy! (bust boy)We on the grind boy! (grind boy) With that high boy! (high boy)We don’t give a fuck boy! They scared to bust boy!We on the grind boy! With that high boy!We don’t give a fuck boy! They scared […]

Rock It

ft. 5th Ward Weebie, Krazy [Master P and 5th Ward Weebie]No LimitI’mma make y’all have it for a minuteBut we want it back for the next 5 yearsHit the dancefloor, whodi!The new No Limit babyRespect it or check itMaster P, 5th Ward WeebieKrazy [5th Ward Weebie]You got to rock the boatRock, rock, rock the boatRock, […]

Ghetto Ballin'

ft. Lil’ Romeo, Silkk the Shocker [Chorus x4]Girls jock meYou cant knock meWe ghetto ballinMy real thugs got me UNNGGHHHHHHHHH! [Verse 1: Master P]Love money, hate haters10 years later, still gettin paperPut 20’s on the big wheelIt’s Univeral nowJust signed a big dealParty at the spot, come ball wit meAnd if you aint a real […]