[children playing] late in Septembermemories I can’t erasethe shiver through autumnthe memory of your face’cause I grew much olderI wonderwhatever I could have doneto fight all the magnets but I close my eyesand find truth in what I’m sayin’they thought it was all a liehow could they deny it when I was just alittle child […]

How Come The World Won't Stop

hmmm Somebody told meyou were not coming homethe words are spinnin’ in timeand the air suddenly went cold The sun is still shiningbut everything feels like rain, ohand if I had one wishit would be to see you again Nothing’s fairwhen we loosewithout a moment to say goodbye How come the world won’t stop spinningnow […]

Don't Stop (Doin' It)

hahayeahare you ready to do this onealright thenlet’s gowoooohah come onooooh yeah (don’t stop doin’ that thing you do)oh, your sweet love is making me high, yeah yeah(don’t stop givin’ me all your love)I’ve been waiting for you all my lifeyes, you know I’ve been waiting(don’t stop, don’t stop)doin’ it (doin’ it)don’t stop doin’ it […]

Paid My Dues

[Spoken:]You can say what you want about meWanna do what you want to meBut you can not stop me I’ve been knocked downIt’s a crazy townEven got a punch in the face in LAAin’t nothing in the world that you keep me from doing what I wanna do ‘Cause I’m too proud, I’m too strongLife […]

Overdue Goodbye (Reprise)

Goodbyeoohgoodbyeoh oh oohgoodbyegoodbyeyeah yeah yeahgoodbyegoodbyeyehagoodbyeoh oh ohgoodbyecome on and sing with megoodbyeah one more time, ah one more timegoodbyeoh oh oooohgoodbyeyeah yeahgoodbyegoodbyegoodbyegoodbyegoodbyeyehagoodbye