No Love

if i gave everything would you still listen to me?it could be so much better than thisi don’t want you to love me anymore…than enoughi can’t be held accountable if you can’t make up your mindtonightas much as i would like toi can’t put my hands all over youif i put myself in that position […]

Better Half

i saw my better halfthe better half of a decadeslip through my hands inside her hands inside my pocketswhen she reached for her advatages i should have done somethingi saw my baby boy digging his own holekeeping alive family traditionswhen he lied about intentions i should have done somethingwelli blame myself for everythingit keeps my […]

Lowercase West Thomas

it’s easier to say its over but i might still be pretendingnot a sigle one will believei can’t say i won’t agreei don’t know if i know myself at al anymorei gave up on what i couldn’t give ini gave upi gave in

Last Place You Look

the grass is always greener as i’m sure that you’ve foundif i find my way back on the last leg of this tripi’m betting i’m finding you thereas long as it’s constantly changingas long as it’s constantly soundif there’s no sense of impending dangerthere’s no sense in hanging around for the winterif i’m not gonna […]

Michelle With One ‘L’

same hold from the same handsfive years strongmany times over and goneit’s everything that i have to beat bridges much stronger and widefewer and farther between we meet againgi’ll try to do well on my owndistance between’s never been this fari realize that this time was something that i always knewonly a fool wouldn’t seemight […]