Project Mayhem

She Shouts "the most incessant, the most deplete"She said "show me conscience with nothing to be"She said "null the worm"Lets sober upCaught in time with the fizz or the burnAnd so we burnCan you begin at the ending, so that I may begin again?I took this from you, I thought I was youNow dont misunderstand […]


One devotion with empty moments Can you stay tonight? Silence broken with words unspoken Now she’s on her knees ‘Til i’m feeling so useless Can I beg for one more she says The air is clearing again We’re breathing, water turns to wine The day is tired, the night’s inside her Now she is alive […]

Grey Matter

Bite the tongue to live with what you’ve doneIt’s so goodIt’s so goodLie to myself while I lie with myselfIt’s Monday and it’s rainingIt’s Sunday in the sunIt’s so good, but… Would it be so bad if you were to pretend that you were so happy?Keep it to yourselfDon’t let the secret goIf you were […]


Here i am beside myself again,I’m torn apart by words that you have said.And all in all,I know were falling apart.Where did you run to so far away. Here we are to sing you a song.And there you are asleep against the window pane,just like always. You said you like to hear the rain sometimes.And […]

Post Script

I wish it didn’t hurt, hurt her like this,to say these things to youI’ll sacrifice one moment, for one truthIf we get through tomorrow, then we’ll be fineWe’ll wait for forever, and see how close we getIt’s just another day,One more chance to get this rightI’ll sacrifice forever, please just for tonightIf we get through […]