Baby Don’t You Hurt Me

Looking for the boy who is always on my mindLooking for the boy who is oh so hard to findSo many tears fell down my wasted faceThat’s another talk and placeMy future’s here and it’s nowAnd I think you may be the one to hold the key So baby don’t you hurt meGotta have a […]

No One Loves You (Like I Love You)

You and I would’ve shared love so strong and so secureBut all you left the memories the feelings are no moreLike flowers in the big fieldAll died and blown awayThe letters and the picturesAre all that will remain But every moment of every dayI wanna see you, I wanna sayNo one loves you like I […]

Maybe I'm Right

Mmm…Baby baby, uh yeahThe moon covers the sunFor longer than one nightI spill my water and it slowly falls uprightI look out the window and see the grounds over my headMaybe I’ll just wait until you tell me instead Maybe I’m right maybe I’m wrongCould this be something goodMaybe I’m weak maybe I’m strongOr I […]

So Hot

Flash lightsMoon grinHot bodies groovingI knew there was love in the airAnticipationMy heart is racingI’m yours for the night if you dare If you wanna do itMake your move rightIf you want me babyKeep me in your sightAin’t no use in fightingCos my mind’s made upYou get me so hotDon’t you wanna Dance to the […]

Love Doesn't Hurt Have To Hurt

I learned a lesson in my lifeBut I learned it the hard wayI don’t know why I used to fall in loveWith the wrong kind Then I suffer so much painBut I only had myself to blamemaybe you cameIn the nick of time to show me Love doesn’t have to hurtTo feel goodIt’s such a […]