Drought Season

(E-40)Yeah E-40 and the muthafuckin c-l-i-c-k in this muthafucka, you knowI got my cousin Kaveo on the muthafuckin side of meWe fin to spit some of this old flamboyant shit, check game- It’s another one of them drought spots, a ha-bin cost is like fuck it Niggaz taken loses that they can’t make upGettin gaffled […]

Nuttin’ Ass Nigga

I’m not a nuttin’ ass nigga, just down for my riches, I figure it takesAbout a million or 500.000 tapesTo become officially gold or platinum statusThat’s why I’m always at thisPractise, in and out tha studio 24-7My occupation, this is how I make my livin’I get harrassed mostly everywhere I goCan do my thing without […]

Carlos Rossi

(B-Legit)What’s up fool, I got like 3 buck on the RossiLet’s go get perved(E-40)You don’t wanna get perved, niggaYou don’t wanna fuck wit this Rossi shit(…)Man, don’t forget the ice man(E-40)Oh, you want something toO.K. (Chorus)Top of the line wine, Carlos RossiDrinkin’ on some of of that top of the line wine, Carlos Rossi (E-40)Top […]

Rat Heads

Rat heads get nothin but cheese y’all (The nigga that talks, he’s a bitch) 4x [ VERSE 1 ]Would you look, would you listenNiggas be snitchin, talkin, rattinAll up in the joint, man, singin, chattinTalkin all that old really fruitful riff-raff-ass shit, maynSpeakin on every nigga in the muthafuckin dope gameHe’s scared like a micePo-po’s […]