My Life

Hah, ha, ha, ha (T-L-C) Whoa whoa whoaWhoa whoa whoa, whoa whooa whoaWhoa whoa whoa whoa (oww!)Whoa whoa whoa, whoa whoa whoaWhoa whoa whoa whoaWhoa whoa whoa, whoa whoa whoaWhoa whoa whoa whoaAnd I believe it don’t affect nobody else but me [Boz]Ya’ll been telling me what to doSince I was old enough to walkOld […]

I Need That

[Virtual Vic-E]This is a special song just for our fans on the InternetSometimes you need that… [T-Boz]Ha, TLC’s back boyAgain and again, Woo Ooh, ayi yi yi yi (I, I, hah hah)Ooh, oohOoh, ayi yi yi yiAyi yi yi yi yi [T-Boz]You and meTrading fantasiesLying on the beachOoh babyI need you next to meCause I’m […]

Silly Ho

Whoot whoot whoot whooooWhoot whoot whoot whooooWhoot whoot whoot whooooWhoot whoot whoot whoooo [T-Boz]I ain’t never been no Silly HoWaiting for your callLike the other girls want youI ain’t never been no one to messWith someone else’s messThat’s not a thing for me to do I ain’t never been that chickenheadTo wake up in your […]

Come On Down

[Boz]Oh yeah, yeah, yeahIf you need a little tendernessCan’t find it no where elseIf you want a little something sweetYou just come to me If you’re hungry for some love at nightI’ll fix you up just rightThere’s a tender place just down the wayWhere you can stay, and I’m sayin’ 1 – Come on down […]

Dear Lie

[T-Boz]Dear lie you suckYou said you could fix anythingInstead I’m fuckedYou made things even worse for me If I had ballsI’d tell you get away from meGuess I’m not smartI let you unnerve meI let you control meAfraid that the truth would hurt meWhen it’s you that hurts me more 1 – Get outta my […]