Love Can't Hide

Tears on my pillow keep fallingAnd I’m crying over you, crying over youHow long will the time last before my heartIs blessed to see the day I’m back with you, the day I’m back with youSee I’m yearning for you baby, constantly I’m reminscingAlways think bout the things we used to doAnd I’m singing baby […]

Brand New Man

She never had respect for meShe knew I had a familyBut I blame it all on youShe used to be a friend to meAnd now I can’t stand to seeHer when she comes aroundSee both of ya’ll let me downAnd now it’s all over townHow could you do me that way? Now that I got […]

Alone In This World

It’s over now, I can’t competeI don’t know how I’m still standing on my feetSo turned around and incompleteI’m not that happy woman that I used to be Oh, please tell me what did you meanWhen you said that you were mine, you knew that was a lieBut in your heart you know that truthAnd […]

Do Your Time

It’s been a long timeAnd I hope you’re doing fineI just wanted to write you a letterSaying hi, and explaining whyWhy you mean so much to meWell the reason is plain you seeYou were always there when I needed youAnd I wanted to let you know You’ve gotta be strongAnd it won’t be longCause I’m […]

Heaven Only Knows

Who knows what tomorrow bringsAnd heaven only knows what’s on the other side of the rainbowAll I know is what the seasons bringAnd even with the seasons come uncertainty [Chorus]Who knowsDo you knowI don’t knowHeaven only knows what the future holdsHeaven only knows what’s over the rainbowJust imagine all the possibilitiesHeaven only knows what the […]