Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me

If I could win your heartIf you’d let me in your heartI’d be so happy, babyJust for these arms to beHolding you close to meThere’s nothing in this world I won’t tryNo limit to what I’d do to make you mine, ’cause I’d climb right up to the skyI’d take down the starsJust to be […]


I’ve changed my hair, my clothes, almostEverything about myselfI can’t believe I tried to be somebody I’m notFor someone else, yeahIt took finding you to finally understandWhat it’s like to be loved for who I am MeThat’s all I have to giveWhat you get is what you see, yeahNo second guessing, no pretendingWith you, all […]

Kissing a fool

You are farWhen I could have been your starYou listened to peopleWho scared you to death, and from my heartStrange that you were strong enoughTo even make a startBut you’ll never findPeace of mind,‘Til you listen to your heart PeopleYou can never change the way they feelBetter let them do just what they willFor they […]


Well I guess it would be niceIf I could touch your bodyI know not everybodyHas got a body like you But I’ve got to think twiceBefore I give my heart awayAnd I know all the games you playBecause I play them tooOh but INeed some time off from that emotionTime to pick my heart up […]


Why can’t you do it? Why can’t you set your monkey free? Always giving in to it – Do you love your monkey or do you love me? Why can’t you do it? Why do I have to share my baby with a monkey? (With a monkey, with a monkey, aye, aye, aye, uh-huh) Oh, […]