Gang Bang

Well, there’s mad gangs, but only one got controlWherever they roam, from north pole to south poleIce cold with a vice hold on all crimeThey gettin paid even if they shit is small timeAll your dimes’ll get took, yo watch them sling (?) them thingscause they nothin but a gang of crooksThings look like they’ll […]

Hold On

[Starr]I’ll keep, holding onI’ll keep, holding on! [Lord Jamar]Young black male, twenty-five years of ageMany-a-lives didn’t survive to this stageCause the rage of another brother got him poppedShot him and he dropped, like a beanbagMean motherfucker with a rag and some jeans that sagThey signify your death by crossin out your tagThen they go and […]

Straight Off Da Head

Yeah, yeah, fo’ your mindHmmmright, let’s see what we can come up withRecord after record, yeaaah, rhyme after rhyme check it [Sadat X]In the studio, on the first tryOn the verse high only birds flyYou get out the pack like that y’allStraight off da head (what?), let niggas know I use to wear the proGet […]

Lick Dem Muthaphuckaz (REMIX)

"Cos no matter who you are, you’re still catchin bullets, god" [Lord Jamar] You like to taste the lead, well get your face fedAfter I’m done, you rather suck on pencilsHere comes the coroner with chalk for the stencils of your bodyAs I walk over the shit and spit outta heartNow brothers talk shit and […]

Claimin' I'm A Criminal

Verse One: Lord Jamar 7 in the mornin, they kickin down my momma’s doorNow tell me what is this motherfuckin drama for?Can a nigga get rest after rest without the stress?Then they put the Glock to my chestBest think ‘fore I twitch or I’m poppedoff to the clink with this bitch ass copThey gotta nigga […]