Bye Bye Baby

this is not a love songbye bye baby I keep on waiting, anticipatingbut I can’t wait foreveryou say you love meyou’re thinking of mebut we’re never together Chorus:bye bye baby bye byeit’s your turn to crythat’s why we have to say goodbyeso say goodbye you had your chancesall your romancesand now I just don’t want […]

Bad Girl

Something’s missing and I don’t know whyI always feel the need to hide my feelings from youIs it me or you that I’m afraid ofI tell myself I’ll show you what I’m made ofCan’t bring myself to let you go Bridge (first time without first "I"): I don’t want to cause you any painBut I […]

Secret Garden

In my secret garden, I’m looking for the perfect flowerWaiting for my finest hourIn my secret garden, I still believe after allI still believe and I fallYou plant the seed and I’ll watch it growI wonder when I’ll start to showI wonder if I’ll ever knowWhere my place isWhere my face isI know it’s in […]

Did You Do It? (remix of “Waiting”)

Tick tick tock, Mo is on the jockI did her in the limo as we went around the blockSucked the mole on her hip, licked the lipstick off her lipShe got real excited, yo she started to flipShe says ‘Dre baby ‘Dre baby ohI said just relax, yo chill MoWe made a right turn onto […]

In This Life

Sitting on a park benchThinking about a friend of mineHe was only 23Gone before he had his timeIt came without a warningDidn’t want his friends to see him cryHe knew the day was dawningAnd I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye Chorus: In this life I loved you most of allWhat for?‘Cause now you’re […]