Wring out my guilt and hang it on the lineIt’s been raining all weekIt won’t get a chance to dryI’ve been looking around the pantry for a box ofSorriesI’m all run out yeah I’m all run out Its not that hard to say I knowIts not that hard to say I knowIts not that hard […]

Bursting Through

I’m counting starsLying underWatching you through my wallsAll the lights have gone outI know you’re listening nowYou’ve been spinning aroundTurning slowlyOrbiting round my houseIt’s a feeling I guess (Single Version: "It’s a feeling I get")I know you’re listening nowWarm me todayWarm me todayFilter in my lonely roomWarm me todayWarm me todayLook outside the sun it’sBursting […]


Anytime that you fall asleepI’m wide awakeAnytime that you leave your houseI’m waiting at the gateI’m not angry anymoreCome on and show your soul I’d love to hang it on the wallFramed for meAnytime that you smileI know that’s really youAnytime that you laugh you know thatI’ll be laughing tooBut it’s not funny anymoreCome on […]


This frame of mindYoung hollow manSaid all I’ve got to sayDone all I canWon’t even tryWon’t even showDon’t tell me thingsI don’t want to knowSwim through meMake meMore than wholeCome see what I meanMake me feel secureAnd in these days betweenWhen I fall apartI’d run away but you knowI’m not that smartThese strange ideasI’ll see […]

Suddenly Strange

Fire inside my shoesStill walking forward but back to youI suppose I must be stuck with you againThis joke is wearing thinI know its timeI know its time to goAnd just so you knowThis secret part of me never showedAnd when you run around like you don’t careI’m suddenly awareI know its timeI know its […]