That I Never Had

All these tears I cryDon’t you wonder whyIs it all a dreamNever what it seems Gets under my skinShould I let you inDon’t you think it’s badTo give me something that I never had Every word I sayEverytime I prayLook into my eyesDistant voices cryIs there light in meTell me what you seeYou are what […]

Can You Hear Them?

So sick and tired of livingAnd so afraid to dieI’ve lived so many livesAnd still I wonder whyThe way the world perceives meIs not the way I amThe one half thinks I’m crazyThe other thinks I’m mad I spent a long long time alone in my roomI need your help to get me out of […]


Gazing through the window at the world outsideWondering will mother earth surviveHoping that mankind will stop abusing her sometime After all there’s only just the two of usAnd here we are still fighting for our livesWatching all of history repeat itselfTime after time I’m just a dreamerI dream my life awayI’m just a dreamerWho dreams […]

No Easy Way Out

Looking to the mirrorFrom the other sideSeeing her reflectionAnd it blows my mindTrying to deny it But damage is doneI’ll just run as alwaysBut the race is run You’ve got to tell me it’s over nowI’m trapped inside of a dreamThe crushing weight on my shoulders nowIs bearing down and it seemsThere’s just no easy […]

Gets Me Through

I’m not the kind of person you think I am I’m not the anti-christ or the iron manI have a vision that I just can’t controlI feel I’ve lost my spirit and sold my soulGot no control I try to entertain you the best I canI wish I’d started walking before I ranBut I still […]