Terror Squadians

[Fat Joe] Terror Squad. Ungh. Now why you wanna go and fuck with them? Platinum status, motherfuckers. Eat a dick! Now who’s the underated pro, they scared to play on the radio?Who lives the lyrics, all my real niggas already knowFlow for flow, no crew can step to usAnd blow for blow, I’m pretty sure […]

Bet Ya Man Can't (Triz)

[Fat Joe]Blam!Bang bang baby!Yeah, Terror Squad styleTrizzie, check it out now [Cuban Link]Yo, I’m rated X in sex, I flex like Lex LugorSo who’s next to get scooped up by this roughneck from Cuba?We do maneuvers like Super Dave, always with a group of babesSayin "Mami’s out" like Sugar RayCause Cuban Link don’t play miss, […]

Find Out

[Armageddon]Yeah yeahDo you Don Cartagenasolemnly swear to take this game of hip-hopas your lawfully wedded wifethrough sickness and health, til death do you part? [Fat Joe]I do [Armageddon]Aight thenYou now may spit on the bride [Fat Joe]I bet you thought I left you hangin, Joe Crack returns banginwith somethin brand spankin, what the fuck was […]

My World

Yeah, YeahYeah, YeahUh, Lotta money in hereUh, Terror SquadNow and foreverTop of the world, TunYeah, uhYeah, uh They call me Joey Crack my name’ll never be forgottenlivin’ in the NY city thats rottenniggas on the block still screamin’ and plottin’Wonderin’ if my squad gon stop bubblin’But we not cuz we all still shinin’You average, We […]

John Blaze

Verse One: Nas My stripes show like regiments, military intelligenceMurder game, I leave no evidence — credentialsGo ask my pre-school, even talk to my old principalHe’d tell you how you I used to pack a No. 2 pencilStabbin students, grabbin teachers, Catholics, preachersIn the school staircase, cuttin class, passin my reeferIn my own class, operation […]