One Hit (To The Body)

You fell out of the clear blue sky To the darkness below The smell of your flesh excites me My blood starts to flow So help me God You burst in in a blaze of light You unzippered the dark One kiss took my breath away One look lights up the stars And it’s it’s […]

Had It With You

I love you, dirty fucker Sister and a brother Moaning in the moonlight Singing for your supper ‘Cos I had it I had it I had it with you I had it I had it I had it with you You always seem to haunt me Always try to haunt me Serving out injuctions Shouting […]

Dirty Work

Living high, sitting in the sun Sit on your ass till your work is done You lazy mother, your hands are clean You pull the strings and you got the clout There’s something filthy living in your mouth Pushing your buttons you get away free You let somebody do the dirty work Find some loser, […]