Hold Back

Hear the voice of experience A word from the wise Grab opportunity While you’re alive ‘Cos if you follow the crowd ‘Cos if you act like a coward You’ll end up yelling out loud Hold back You’ll regret it someday Choke on that Don’t let it pass you by Hold back You better seize the […]

Back To Zero

Back to zero So you wanna blow us all to pieces Go meet your maker, head hung down And give him all your explanations Go ahead, throw down Back to zero, back to nothing Straight to meltdown, back to zero That’s where we’re heading It’s a monkey living on my back I can feel my […]

Harlem Shuffle

You move it to the left And you go for yourself You move it to the right Yeah if it takes all night Now take it kinda slow With a whole lot of soul Don’t move it too fast Just make it last You scratch just like a monkey Yeah you do real cool You […]

Sleep Tonight

You better get some sleep tonight You better get some sleep tonight Honey, just warn your friends You better get some sleep tonight You always watch the sun go down The same old shadows crawl over town Those thoughts of you it shivvers me The moon grows cold in memory Baby you better get some […]


Yeah man Gonna pulp you to a mess of bruises ‘Cos that’s what you’re looking for There’s a hole where your nose used to be Gonna kick you out of my door Gotta get into a fight Can’t get out of it Gotta get into a fight Gonna blow you to a million pieces Blow […]