Angry Chair

Sitting on an angry chair Angry walls that steal the air Stomach hurts and I don’t care What do I see across the way See myself molded in clay Stares at me, yeah I’m afraid Changing the shape of his face Candles red I have a pair Shadows dancing everywhere Burning on the angry chair […]

Rain When I Die

Is she ready to know my frustration? What she slippin’ inside, slow castration I’m a riddle so strong, you can’t break me Did she come here to try, try to take me Did she call my name? I think it’s gonna rain When I die Was it something I said, held against me? Ain’t no […]

Hate To Feel

What’s gone wrong, I can’t see straight Been too long, so full of hate What the fuck will it take Drown myself in my wake Another shaggy D.A. Now a dog, shake my leg Plastic man, paper face Candy heart, what a waste Gotta change, set a date Keep my cake, lift my plate Stare […]


Care not for the men who wonder Straw that broke your back, you’re under Cast all them aside who care Empty eyes and dead end stare Don’t you know that none are blind To the lie, and you think I don’t find what you hide? What in God’s name have you done? Stick your arm […]


I have never felt such frustration Or lack of self control I want you to kill me And dig me under, I wanna live no more One who doesn’t care is one who shouldn’t be I’ve tried to hide myself from what is wrong for me For me I want to taste dirty, stinging pistol […]