I saw a girl todaycould tell from what she sayshe was a liarshe walks a wireI tried to make her seethat this was not the wayof getting higherand then she turned away, so I say hear me nowjust understand, don’t get me wrongyou got to live your life, live it right,or you’ll go back to […]

Along Came You (A Song For Emily)

I thought that I knew all therewas to knowI knew all about loveI lived the highs and made itthrough the lowsI know all about lovebut now I must admit I’m surprisedand feel I’ve only scratched the surface’cause baby when I look in your eyesI understand my one true purpose you were sent to meby angels […]

I Know You Too Well

aby it’s nothing that you’ve saidbut I know it’s not just in my headyou’re changing baby, and you don’tthink I seeI feel you drifting away, a little bitfurther every daydon’t tell me baby, don’t tell me it’sjust meI see it in the look that’s onyour facesomething is not the same inside,you can’t keep it from […]

I’m Not Giving You Up

to be completely honestit scares me to imaginewhat life would be without you and for this very reasonI ask you to forgive mefor what I’m putting us through although there are so many thingsagainst us, I’ve decidedthat I’m not giving youup, no… thinking back, I see what we haveis something differentI think we’ve known all […]

Show Me The Way Back To Your Heart

I remember days nights werenever coldI had you in my lifeI had you here to holdand I remember love warm as asummer daybut I lost youand I lost my waynow I’m in the rainbegging you please, please baby won’t you show me the wayback to your heartlet me see a sign to know if I’mclose […]