Future Love Paradise

But if only you could see themYou would know from their facesThere were kings and queensFollowed by princes and princessesThere were future power peopleFrom the loved to the lovelessShining a light ’cause they wanted it seenWell there were cries of whyFollowed by cries of why notCan IReach out for you if that feels good to […]

Deep Water

I’ll kiss that awayBoth of them swam from a northern blue skySmile on their faces they entered their doom like they knewIf their world should end they won’t care about that anywayI jade the water and I burn the fireNuclear chemicals making their doom like you knewIf the world should end you won’t care about […]


BrotherSister It’s the loneliness thats the killerSo you wantTo be freeTo live your lifeThe way you want to beWill you giveIf we cryWill we liveOr will we dieJaded heartsHeal with timeShoot that loveSo we canStop the bleedingSolitary brotherIs there still a part of you that wants to liveSolitary sisterIs there still a part of you […]

Show Me

Different kinds of peopleDifferent kinds of lifeWe go walking towards the futureWith different size stridesShow me the way to solve your sorrowsAnd I’ll do what I can‘Cause we have the experienceIf we planBaby we can see that closeShow me the way to solve your problems and I’ll be thereShow me the way and I’ll do […]


In a church by the faceHe talks about the people going underOnly child knowA man decides after seventy yearsThat what he goes there for Is to unlock the doorWhile those around him criticize and sleepAnd through a fractal on that breaking wallI see you my friend and touch your face againMiracles will happen as we […]