May I

Now… who got the beat that makes ya bump?And who got the bump that ya thump?Well, I got the funk that makes ya bumpSo we gon funk this motherfucker right on upWell here’s a toast to the boogie while I step on inSo put your lighters in the air and let the smoke kick inI […]

Hit Rocks

[Chorus:3X]Cuz were all a little strong In the beach where the papers long but as for me I only G when I’m buss’n rocks Now when I wake up in the morining and I get up out my bed I fell good, oh yes I do Cause I still can give it up for you […]

I Will Survive

[Technique]By dawn’s early lightI shine brighter than the stars in the nightAnd ’bout ready for a fightCome noon, I’ve consumed enough juiceTo cut loose and throw a mic to the moonSince I’m the sun, I’ll make you one, it’s all for funI’m torching hot and all the sameFrom playing war games with Saddam HusseinNow who’s […]

Head Doctor

Chorus:You remind me of somebodyI used to know, I used to know Snoop ***talkin w/ chorus***Ya’ll ain’t even gonna believe this shit manRemember that bitch I hadThat little light skined bitchYea this bitch was a tripYou know how she loved to sucked a niggas dickEvery once in a while this bitch got to the point […]