An Inch An Hour

I want a book that’ll make me drunkfull of freaks and disenfranchised punks.No amount of hate no load of junkno bag or words no costume trunkcould make me feel the same wayan inch an hour two feet a dayto move through nightin this most fashionable way. There’s this fuckin band you gotta seethey used to […]

So Hard Done By

interesting and sophisticatedrefusing to be celebratedit’s a monumental big screen kissit’s so deep it’s meaninglessone day you’ll just up and quitand that’ll be itjust then the stripper stopped in a coughing fitshe said sorry I can’t go on with this yeah that’s awful closebut that’s not whyI’m so hard done by it was true cinema […]


I love you even when I don’t even know I’m doing itand dismiss it out of hand cause I don’t even know I’m doing itbut your finger starts to wiggle and landscapes emergeCan you spare some change dear, we’ve only got three hundred feet to go Roses are worth more dried than alivesuch a thing […]


I can’t imagine how you feel and this is how you feelyou say your name like you’re no longer convincedbut now they’re strapping you in and closing the lidand they’re dropping you in what’s done you didThe bell is picking up speed there’s water leaking inthat ol’ equilibrium just starts to spin and spinDo you […]

Nautical Disaster

I had this dream where I relished the fray and the screaming filled my head all day.It was as though I had been spit here,settled in,into the pocket of a lighthouse on some rocky socket,off the coast of France, dear. One afternoon,four thousand men died in the water here and five hundred more were thrashing […]