So Impossible

So she says"Everyone’s going to the party,won’t you come if I comewith a friend for your friend?I’d be so pleased to see youout of the classroom wearing the smile that I’ll bring you.I was hoping to learn a few things like..Do you do you like dishing the dirton the whole class &talking the big smack […]

Anyone, Anyone

I’m not sure of anyone, anyoneBut I’ve got plansI’m not asking for everything but sure I could use a hand Get a little anxiousSometimes you’ll be gone and I’ll be left behindGet a little nervousSometimes it’ll remind you and I’ll forget my lineGet a little lost lookAnd some staring from the corner of my eyeNever […]

Remember To Breathe

She fixes her lips theyAlways look perfectnever a smudged linenever too muchI try on my blue shirtshe told me she liked itshe wonders where I wentshe knows knows just what she’ll wearshe always wears blueSome sneakers or flip flopsI’m starting to panicremember she asked youremember to breatheand the memory fadeswe’ll be okayokay [x2]Alright [x6]

Standard Lines

Which of the bold faced lies will we use? I hope that you’re happy, you really deserve it, this will be the best for us both in the end. But your taste still lingers on my lips like I just placed them upon yours and I starve for you. But this new diet’s liquid and […]

For You To Notice…

I’m starting to fashion an idea in my headwhere I would impress youwith every single word I said.Would come out insightful or brave or smooth or charmingand you’d want to call meAnd I would be there every timeyou’d need meI’d be there every time…But for now I’ll look so longinglywaiting…For you to want me, for […]