Heart Attack

I’ve cracked My temper’s spat Hot coal, fire and acid jack I’ve been used I feel abusedSomething you’ve done has lit my fuse And I take my theories back Maybe Karma ain’t all that Coz you do whatever you pleaseEverybody else is left to bleed You’re a heart attack Your heart is black It’s whack […]

Falling At Your Feet

And when you walk into the roomI feel the world dissolveI fall at your feet And when you look at meI swear the beating of my heart isAbout to cease Oooh, you make me wannaDeny the worldDeny the man I wanna beDeny the oxygen that moves inside of me Deny my friendsDeny the sensibility I […]

Like It Or Not

I’ve been broken, shut down and uselessFeet above meHands in the airYou got me falling over and overYou got me twisted tied up and tangledI do it all for youYou know I’ve been a fool for youI thought I tripped on a shoelaceI look down and it’s only you Now I’m standing at a terminal […]