Crush (1980 ME)

Cyndi Lauper Jackson Simon Le Bon I put Eurythmics On Poppin’ and Lockin’ in the U.S.ADay Glo sweater tied around my neck Studded Denim Big Hair Acid Wash Rubik’s Cube My Boom Box [PRE-CHORUS]You know it’s alright I promise you tonight All you gotta do is Choose Life [CHORUS]Got a little crush I just can’t […]


When moonlight crawls along the streetChasing away the summer heatFootsteps outside somewhere belowThe world revolves I let it goWe build our church above this streetWe practice love between these sheetsThe candy sweetness scent of youIt bathes my skin I’m stained by youAnd all I have to do is hold youThere’s a racing in my heartI […]


Governments elected nobody votesPolitically correct isn’t that a joke?We censor music then give children gunsOn CNNStill fightin’ to death over JerusalemFour letter disease still makes us runCan’t comprehend that you can die from Love Can I start things overAnd change your mindCan I sing a melodyPress rewindCan I move your feet make your heart skip […]

Creepin’ Up On You

Creepin’ up on you is the wrong thing to doI found your address got your phone number tooVisit all the stores where you buy all your clothesBeen to secret places you think nobody knows If I have to breathe without youNobody should……I need to be around youWatchin’ you No one else can love you like […]


Come onBaby baby come onBaby baby come on You only know one half of me Up until now it’s all I let you see I used to reveal selectivelyBut now I’m changing So baby come on inside Baby get on this ride Get closer to me Don’t you know that It’s time to take control […]