Don't Do it to Yourself

{Big Scoob:} Hey yo, drop it like it’s hot, Kane, drop it like it’s hot Yo, pick up the microphone and gimme what you got{Big Daddy Kane:} Hey yo, drop it like it’s hot, Scoob, drop it like it’s hot Pick up your microphone, it’s time to rock the spot (x2) (Oh my god, tell […]

Show and Prove

Verse One: Scoob Hah hah, hey hey, laugh now niggaMy man’s right behind you, Kane pull the triggerI don’t play, I’m from the hill where shit is realAnd I’ll be on your ass like bugs on a windshieldSo bring your grip or you can think twiceCause I got more rhymes than a five pound bag […]

Sex According to the Prince of Darkness

[female reporter]The definition of sex varies with many peopleIn search of a few ways to define itwe asked actor/comedian Mr. Dolemite his definition of sexAnd his response was.. [Dolemite]Baby, sex is just like puttin money in the bankOnce you take it out, the interest is all gone [female reporter]Then we asked rap star Big Daddy […]

In the PJ's

[Kane] Aiyyyyyyyyyyyyyyo![Rick] "For all of y’all.."[Kane] Check it out, check Aiyyo, we gonna send out to all the projects out there[Rick] "For all of y’all.."[Kane] Yknahmsayin? Like Roosevelt Projects, Marcy Projects We gon’ send it to Fort Greene, L.G.[Rick] "For all of y’all.."[Kane] Better yet, all the projects in Brook’, no all the projects on […]

3 Forties and a Bottle of Moet

Funkdafied one time for your mindThis is how we gonna get it off babyNow dig the flavor, ohhhhhhh yeahI got the Mister Cee in the place to beOf course, I be the Big Daddy Kane, here to entertainI got Ax-el, ready to max wellYessir, we gon’ get busy one time for ya dig it right?We […]