Brooklyn Style…Laid Out

Chorus: Big Daddy Kane Come on y’all and feel the grooveGet on down and make your moveWelcome to the funkiestBrooklyn style, laid out like this Chorus [Big Daddy Kane]I kicks the flavor good, to represent the neighborhoodwhere I come from, and that’s the place of Brooklynwhere the grimies are born and bredAnd bullets are like […]

Lyrical Gymnastics

[Kane *singing*]Do you know, what you’re goin through?Do you like this style of rap that I’m showin you?The way I flow for you.. do you know? [Kane *rapping*]Yeah baby c’monAh baby baby c’mon, check the rhyme to the songUhh, aw yeah baby c’monAh baby baby c’mon, and check the rhyme to the songOne double nine […]

Daddy’s Home

Intro: Big Daddy Kane "You know daddy’s home.."Yeah baby! Get them sounds up ActionAlright L.G. baby make the track move one time "You know daddy’s home.."Uh-huh, now dig this here rightNow I can remember one time I said,"It’s eighty-eight, time to set em straight right?" (word up)What we gotta do is see what we got […]

Somebody’s Been Sleeping in my Bed

Now I’m a family man that works hard for the moneywith the sweetest wife ever *smak* I love you honeyI buy her everything, if it takes my last dollarEven her nails and her hair to be done at the beauty parlorWe spend ample time together, doin dinner and a movieand whatever else sounds groovyAnd when […]

Let Yourself Go

Somebody tell me who’s that, what’s thatIt’s the man with the silk drawers stuck up his buttcrackDon’t even front and try to ask who is thiscause my name rings more bells than a Jehovah WitnessStronger than Listerine, moppin up rappers like Mr. CleanOh Lord, the Kane just hit the sceneBooyaka bo buck, rappers have no […]