Let Him Know

Another day goes by and still you wonder what happened You’d give the world for one more tryBut you’re too shy to ask him You don’t wanna ask him now I know your heart will pull you through If he means that much to you – you gotta let him know Let him know that […]

Take Me Back

I shoulda seen it coming I shoulda seen the signs Didn’t really think that she needs meMust’ve ‘bin blind She didn’t give me a warning Said I shouldn’t treat you wrong But when I woke up this mornin’ She was gone gone gone She said… Take me back won’t yaTake me back won’t ya I’ll […]

Straight From The Heart

I could start dreaming but it never ends,as long as you gone we may as well pretend.I’ve been dreaming,straight from the heart. You say its easy but whos to say,that we’d be able to keep it this way.But its easier,commin’ straight from the heart. (CHORUS)Ohhhh, give it to me straight from the heart,tell me we […]

I’m Ready

I’d like to see you, thought I’d let you knowI wanna be with you everydayCause I’ve got a feeling that’s beginning to growAnd there’s only one thing I wanna say I’m ready – to love youI’m ready – to hold youI’m ready – I’m readyReady as I’m gonna be She left me a long note […]

Don’t Leave Me Lonely

I won’t stand bein’ broken hearted I won’t be pushed around The rules were set when we got started But lately I have found We’ve spent too little time and too much heartache I feel we’re losin’ ground And lately I’ve been hearin’ You won’t be needin’ me around Don’t leave me lonely Just wanna […]