Saint And Sinner

I’m getting off this carousel, you can do as you please,you can go to hell You put my back against the wall Well I’m not gonna fall on my knees, no not at all So you’re a saint, I’m a sinner, but deuces are wild Better wake up, it’s break up, I ain’t got the […]

Rock And Roll Hell

Been under fire sixteen years, just waitin’ for his time to come He fought the lies, fought back the tears, can’t wait to hear that starting gun There ain’t nobody gonna step on his dreams So he held his hands high and screamed Get me out of this rock and roll hell, take me far […]


In the night I will be waitin’ Ready to go, soon as the daylight is fadin’ In the night my heart is beating Out of control, can’t stop the way that I’m feeling I wanna know how far to go, takin’ my life in my hands Out on my own, fighting alone, call me the […]

I Love It Loud

Stand up, you don’t have to be afraid, get down – love is like a hurricane Street boy, no I never could be tamed, better believe it Guilty ’til I’m proven innocent, whiplash, heavy metal accident Rock on, I wanna be President, ‘cos I love it loud, I wanna hear it loud, right between the […]


Her love is a gun, her love is a blade, she’s a killer Bitch is insane, she deals in pain, she’s a killer Ooh, she’ll cut you clean, then she’ll watch you bleed So obscene, she’s what I need, she loves to hear me scream Black lace, stiletto heels, she’s a killer Crack the whip, […]