Since I Met You Lady

(Intro Lady Saw Rap) Since I met you ladyMy whole life has changed Verse 1Since I met you ladyMy whole life has changedAnd everybody tells meThat I am not the same I don’t need nobodyTo tell my troubles to Verse 2I don’t need nobodyTo tell my troubles toSince I met you babyAll I need is […]

Cover Up

Cover upWith loving protectionGuard your loveIn every direction CHORUSDon’t give upFor fear of rejectionStand your ground and voice an objection Run away my sister and brotherBe afraid of love when the lover VERSE 1Tries to read the book by the coverWrapped up in the arms of another (Repeat chorus) Cover up prolonging the yearningJust ahead […]

Something More Than This

I said, there must be something more than this Verse 1Green environmentalistBack street agriculturistScientific herbalistHerbalistic socialistT.H.C dialysisGrow your own psychiatristSmoking self-analysis Said there must be something more than this ChorusThere must be something we a miss Less is more so more or less RefrainWhen there’s nothing going onInnocence is happinessYou ain’t not doing nothing wrong […]

I’m On The Up

Thing’s ain’t so badThey sure could be betterThing’s ain’t so goodBut I’m sure it won’t last Verse 1Storm clouds aboveBut I got my umbrellaI would if I couldI can’t change the past I’m on the upMy futures tomorrowWhy should I worryAll I’ve got to find ChorusIs another sad someoneWho’ll happily give meJust enough lovingFor their […]


I couldn’t really put it any better than thisThe love that I feel, in your tender kiss.And something about your body girl I can’t resistIt don’t get no better, no better than this. You know I love you – with all my heart and soulYou put me in a spell – and you have total […]