Boy Boy

[Cam:] What up boy, boy?[Guy:] Ain’t nothin’ boy, boy, it’s good in the hood[Cam:] What’s poppin’ boy, boy?[Guy:] A lot of these cats fakin’ jacks boy, boyMy man Smit’ over hear, he’s got somethin’ on his mind[Cam:] ‘Sup Smitty?[Guy:] This kid Smitty is acting a little silly rightnow, boy, boyHe don’t understand this is real […]


ft. DJ Kay Slay [Cam’Ron]How y’all doin’ out there?I wanna welcome y’all backWelcome some of y’all for the first time, huh? KillaWe did it again, y’all don’t fuck wit usSuck a dick man, aiyyo Jones, what’s good?Santana, Freaky, they gonna be mad this time, huh?Aiyyo I got my man Kay Slay up in the houseHarlem, […]

On Fire Tonight

[Cam’ron] Wake yo a** upYou know I’m looking for a ho[Zeek] Word?[Cam’ron] I found a ho[Zeek] And?[Cam’ron] And the ho … ended up being a ho[Zeek] Chu doing?[Cam’ron] My man zeek always told me a hoes gon b a hoLet a hoe flyLet the birds f****n’ flyLet em fly right zeek?[Zeek] They f*****g fly away…[Verse:]I […]

Stop Calling

ft. Freaky Zeekey, McGruff (Yo, pass me that phone)[Cam:] Hello?[Guy:] Yo, yo, can I speak to Cam?[Cam:] Fuck is this B? State ya name[Guy:] Yo, yo, hello yo, you don’t know meO nothing like that, though dogBut Yaknawhamsayin’? I keep it gully thoughAd shit like that though dogBut I’m tryin’, KnawhaI’mean?[Cam:] Hold up, hold up, […]

Live My Life (Leave Me Alone)

[Verse 1]Now that I’m here niggaz wanna wrap the ROC upNah, backslash wrap the rocks up, back the block upCop killers, clap at coppers, blast at choppersPass the vodka, listen, don’t ever mention Dash or HoffaIt’s a Harlem thing dog, you’ll clash with Mobsters (uptown)Remember me? Got jumped on TNT (what’s beef?)Next week, back pump […]