Blast Off

ft. Mark Curry, Loon [G. Dep]Yeah…Yeah, me and my man’s and themWe gon’ blast offBad Boy nigga, and we don’t stopCome on to the top, blast offYeah, yo Aiyyo, I take it up top for my peepsCracks in they Jeeps, don’t sleep till they 6 feet deepNo ‘lax’ in my tracks they potentFuck homicide, I’ma […]


A yo, I walk down the block with my stomach in knotsSpent time hustling, running from copsBroke as a joke, no ends at allCan’t play ball and my Timbs is smallCan’t buy trees with government cheeseI rather be where its breeze, niggas bubbling ki’sMy moms got two jobs one on her kneesand writin letters to […]

Danger Zone

[background ad libs by P. Diddy](Danger)(Danger)(Ah ah ah)(Danger) Today is the day we ride, you’s a made your whole fucking family byThis is how we ride, see me, smoking that seaweedY’all gonna see me todayFuck that, when we come through just crowdCrowd up around y’all listen to the soundYo, this is for the way we […]

One Way

ft. Black Rob [G-Dep Talking]Come here man, You lookin for beef [smacking sound]Get the fuck over, yeaYou thought I wasn’t, yea heheheheYea look at me, look at me niggaCome here, know one thing nigga [Verse 1: G-Dep]I think you need to know I’m holdin it downWit a hole in this townIt’s a hole in da […]

Special Delivery

[Verse 1]Yo, this for my niggas, though, special deliverySpit like this, get my wrists all glitteryGet cake, snakes get slitheryLean in, show y’all the meaning of chivalryRap ruler, you could ask BuddhaRight jab like Zab ZudaEvery member on my team is the shooterTight like a womb, no room for intrudersSpark Buddha, twistin’ the PhillyAnd Good […]