That Girl Will Never Be Mine

That girl will never be mine First time I saw her at the front doorThat girl, her face on every billboardHands down, you won’t believe the way she laid her eyes on meSix feet, I spot her from the cat walkSo fly, we got into a small talkToo bad she had to move alongOne smile […]


I just don’t understand,Why you’re running from a good man baby,Why you wanna turn your back on love,Why you’ve already given up,See you know you’ve been hurt before,But I swear I’ll give you so much more,I swear I’ll never let you down,Cause I swear it’s you that I adore,And I can’t help myself babe,Cause I […]


There’s a thousand words that I couLd say,To make you come home.Yeah,Seems so Long ago you waLked away,and Left me alone.And I remember what you said to me,You were acting so strange. (mmmm)And maybe I was too bLind to see,that you needed a change.Was it something I said to make you turn away,to make you […]

See Right Through You

Tell me what kind of girl would wanna play meTear me downThen try to break meBaby how could you betray me?After all I’ve done for you!You care about your bis numbers not enough babeYou better get your story straight babeTell me why you wanna play?I’ve had enough CHORUSThese games they’ve gotta stop.I’m bout to get […]

Just Don't Tell Me That

You like to be seenAt every party at the Playboy Mansion Fun, sadI know I gotta draw the lineYou wanna be in the flashes of lightHolding me tightWith your phony laughI guess you gotta be photographedYou can say it’s realBut I know where’s it’s at CHORUSJust don’t tell me thatYou were gonna love meI don’t […]