Forgive Me

Every day I give you a reason to cry’cause I see the hurt in your eyesbut stronger yetI see the love that shineshelp me learn to take on the nature of youand love more than I accuseand pardon others like you taught me to Something happens inside my heartLord when I obeysomething happens inside my […]

Maybe It's Over

You were the firstand you taught me how to loveand you’ll always stay close to my heartbut it would not be fair it I wouldn’t tell you now That it’s over, baby it’s over You took this lonely childand you taught it how to feelyou took the rain clouds from my eyesyou made fantasy seem […]

It’s Not The Way

We used to south of paradisethat was ok until you put your heart on icewalked out the door but you couldn’t say goodbyehide away and left me lonelywhen I asked you whyyou wouldn’t be precisenow it’s my turn, start taking my advice It’s not the way that you love meit’s not the way that you […]


Right outside the windowsomething’s happeninga man he stares into a TV screenfrom the next apartment we hear musicbleeding through the scene TV pand the bedroom, woman’s sleepinghand are sprawled out loosely across the bedshe must be pretty rich’cause I can see all the diamonds on her neck And there’s always someone watchingeyesTV’s on and someone […]

Oh Billy Please

You said you loved methen why won’t you let mebe who I am all of the time Said you wouldn’t hurt methen why would you leave meand take my peace of mindah, ah Oh, Billy please take my callah, ahBilly I’ve tried most of allah, ah We’ve got to stop havingthis misunderstandingthere’ll never be another […]