Guts on The Ceiling

Oh, you’ll never guess what’s up My mucking head blew up My chins in an old man’s backyard I gotta sneak threw his yard To find the fothermucker And he’s gotta pitbull dog And it’s sitting on my chin like a frog on a log I throw a bone to try to distract Cuz I’m […]


It was a soft gentle nightIn the little town of, of, well, your townThe gentle breeze swept the streetsCreating that pleasant howl that these kind town folksHave enjoyed for so many, many yearsThe wind chimes sent their peaceful melodiesInto the ears of the sleepy residentsBut the unusual was approaching in the distanceSomething evil was heading […]

Blacken Your Eyes

Filled your head with lead cuz I want you dead… Girlie girlie bitch tou fucking freaky bitch I knowing what you think, you think your shit don’t stink Take you out to dine and dine and wine and dine I tell you you look fine, then we fuck till I break your spine Bitchy bitchy […]

Ghetto Freak Show

Ghetto freak show… It’s three o’clock in the morning and you’re sleeping Wicked clowns in the moonlight creeping Slide through your window under your bed Crawl in through your ear, eat your head Bumping into bones cuz I need light Tip-toeing down through your windpipe Climbing down your spine was the fun part Looky looky […]

Redneck Hoe

Rapping to this bitch with a red neck A red neck, that fucking red neck Rapping to this bitch with a red neck A down south bitch with a red-ass neck Bitch, you gotta red neck But you look kinda straight so I’m bout to step Heard you like fucking in pig pens You never […]