[Ras] The beginnin of the end niggaz![Can] Yeah, we gon’ rock this shit forever The alpha and the omega The Canibus’ll make your eyes redder FUCK y’all niggaz talkin bout cheddar[Ras] Brought to you by your millennium group, The Horsemen[Can] Four swordsmen[Ras] From the land of the lost[Can] Ras Kass, Killah Priest and Kurupt wit […]


[Pharoahe Monch]Yo yoThe sheer fuckin assemblin of these fo’ niggas rekindling warSeek the Horsemen, we walk the planet Earth on all four’sCause your empire to Fall like the season before winterDon’t get beside yourself like clone twins in the placentaAssassinate the mayor through time-travelThe assignment: to reduce all molecules and pass through solid confinementThe only […]

Lost @ ‘C’

[Verse 1]Yo, yo, yoNow when you see that big ass ‘C’, you know I’m comin throughAnd when you know I’m comin through, you know what I’ma doI never said that battlin me, would be impossibleI just think it’s highly motherfuckin improbableYou talkin to a nigga that can split moleculesto subatomic particles, strong enough to stop […]

I Honor U

Chorus One: MB^2 We’ll never part (through) sickness and health (health)You are my heart — I love you more than I love myself(Yeahayyeahh) But in the middle of the nightI heard you cryin in your sleep it’ll be alrightI’ll be there for you (just for you)if you tell me all your secretsYet in the middle […]


[skit first 30 seconds of song, speaking over "Rip Rock" instrumental]Yo whassup, wassup son?(Oh are y’all ready? Y’all ready?)Yea yea yea we readyWhassup, whassup son?Whassup, what’s the deal? Yeah yeahYeah, aight, so… so all we gotta do is do the shit we’ve been workin on WordWhen we add this new, Canibus nigga, yaknowhatI’msayin {Yeah, yeah}Niggaz […]