Die Slow

[Canibus]Yo (Die Slow)Yea (Die Slow)Ya niggas better..(Die Slow)Uh (Die Slow)All you can do is (Die Slow) nigga (Die Slow)(Die Slow) 4xAll you can do is die (Slow)Yea(Die Slow) 2xFuck ya’ll(Die Slow) 2xDie Slow nigga(Die Slow) (Canibus)YoYou against me.. No contestMy tongue hydraulicsStrong enough to flip a 64 impala with 3 adult passengers and a 4 […]

Let’s Ride

[Canibus]Yo, yoIf you just listen to my lyrics every day for a couple of weeksMy techniques will eventually kill you just like red meatThe Bhagavad Gita beliefs I speak be so deepMost critics get mad because there’s nothin to critiqueWhenever I’m rappin or rhyminwith irrefutably remarkable timinI’m like, Charlie Chaplin pantomiminIf you John Blaze, or […]


[Canibus]Yo, sittin on chrome, sittin on low pro 20 inch firestonesGrippin the road with the wickedest flow, ‘Bis is a proI zigzag throughout sly loamAccelerate and decelerate in and out the cones Poisonous poems travel through walkman headphonesInto your dome Osteoperosis your bones,Who’s the nicest nigga you know in the year two triple-oh Spit turn […]

Get Retarded

"I-I-I, want, to.." "G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-Get retarded" "G-G-G-G-G-G-Get retarded" "Get re-Get re-Get retarded" "G-G-G-G-G-G-Get retarded""I, want, to.." "G-G-G-G-G-G-Get retarded" [Canibus]Yo — niggaz is phony frontin like they Master of CeremoniesNone of you suckers are even remotely close to meTo be nice I sacrifice things like no sleepI keep a library of lyrics on microficheCreating concepts so deep, […]


{sample of Big Bird from Sesame Street cut and scratched saying "N"} Chorus: {samples} + [Canibus] "N", "I", "G-G", "A" [Nometry] "N", "I", "G-G", "A" [Nometry] "N", "I", "G-G", "A" [Nometry] [Nigganometry, nigga-nom-nom-nometry] "N", "I", "G-G", "A" [Nometry] "N", "I", "G-G", "A" [Nometry] "N", "I", "G-G", "A" [Nometry] [Nigganometry, nigga-nom-nom-nometry] [Canibus]Now if a bitch sucks […]