How We Roll

[Canibus]I never freestyle for free, without chargin niggaz a feeIt’ll cost a brain cell just to cypher with meI’m the type of MC, that rocks for the gloryI don’t give a fuck if you ignore me or camcord meFreestyle or written, spittin with infinite ammunitionfor anybody tryin to go the distanceI promise ya no less […]

Life Liquid

(Blood spillin in the streets!) The what?(Blood spillin in the streets!)(Blood spillin in the streets!) The what?(Blood spillin in the streets!) [Journalist]Uhh, yo, yo, aiyyoAiyyo wit two precise niggaz, holdin the right biscuitsThere’ll be a lot of cats leakin out they life liquidNiggaz who actin hard this ain’t Columbia Pictureswhen we throw two in yo’ […]

I'll Buss 'Em You Punish 'Em

[Canibus]Yeah, I’ll buss ’em, and you punish ’emUhh, yeah.. [C] Let me buss ’em[R] Naw, I’ma punish ’em[C] Ra, let me buss ’em[R] Naw, I’ma punish ’em[C] Naw, let me buss ’em[R] Naw, I’ma punish ’em[C] Come on Ra, let me buss ’em[R] Yo ‘Bis, you can punish ’em [Canibus]Yo, yo..Now on some battlin shit, […]


[Verse 1] *acapella*Yo yo yoNow ain’t nobody fuckin wit the mastermindI’m like Einstein, a hundred and fifty times magnifiedNicola Tesla an’, Jon Von NeumanAll wrapped up in the body in one humanI rhyme the tightest, shine the brightestI blind the optic fibers in anybody’s irisWhen it comes to rappin, I’ll smash your assWhether you Latin, […]

Channel Zero

[Canibus]Approximately fifty years agounder the direction of President Harry Trumanand in the interest of national securityA group of twelve top military scientific personnel were establishedThis group’s primary objective was to desensitize us to the truth And to suppress the material evidence that our planet is being visited by a group of extraterrestrial biological entities called […]